Study participant getting ready for the treadmill with help from study coordinator

Determinants of Exercise Capacity Study

Interested in your percent body fat, percent lean mass, bone density, and fitness level?

This medical research study performs body composition and exercise testing on healthy individuals to determine cardiorespiratory fitness using technology like Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA), treadmill aerobic tests, 3D optical scans, air displacement, and muscle strength measures. The repeatability and reliability of these different body composition measures are determined.

Body composition measurements of your choice will be completed for this study:
– Whole-Body DXA
– 3D Optical Scanning
– Muscle Strength Measurement
– BodPod
– VO2max Test

To participate or learn more about this study, contact the study team at (808) 440-5232 and mention “Determinants of Exercise Capacity Study”.
View our website for more information.

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) uses low-radiation
x-ray to measure fat and lean mass percentage and bone
density. The whole scan takes about three minutes to
complete and provides a comprehensive report of
your body composition.

• 18 years or older
• Able to lay flat on your back for up to 20 minutes
• Able to stand without aid for 15 minutes

• Personal body composition results (fat, lean, and bone mass)
• 3D optical scans for your hip/waist circumference measurements