Research Team

Our research team is made up of many scientists from different disciplines, primarily epidemiology, biostatistics, and nutrition.

University of Hawaiʻi

Carol Boushey, PhD
Laurence Kolonel, MD, PhD (Emeritus)
Loïc Le Marchand, MD, PhD

Unhee Lim, PhD
Suzanne Murphy, PhD, RD (Emeritus)
Song Yi Park, PhD

Lani Park, PhD
Yurii Shvetsov, PhD
Lynne Wilkens, DrPH

University of Southern California

David Conti, PhD
Christopher Haiman, PhD

Wendy Setiawan, PhD
Daniel Stram, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Iona Cheng, PhD

Our scientists are supported by a talented group of staff who manage the study by maintaining the study database, staying in touch with subjects and assisting with research analysis.

University of Hawaiʻi

Gail Ichida
Jamie Ishii
Greg Joel Julian
Yun Oh Jung

Wileen Nagata
Thaddeus Park
Shirleen Saiki
Shelle Santoki

Lisa Toguchi
Anne Tome
Kami White

University of Southern California

Susan Gundell
Jane Kim
Amanda Klitgaard
Loreall Pooler

Izamar Santamaria
Grace Sheng
Karla Soriano
Peggy Wan

Lucy Xia
Emma Yu